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Music – Expression of Emotions!

We smile, we love, we cry. We, the human beings experience a wide spectrum of emotions in our life. Some of them are expressed while others die in our own mind. But from time immemorial, our emotions have been voiced through music. Music, which is composed o... Read More...

The BEST Gun In Far Cry 5! (And… Peaches Soccer)

Help us take over the world!! Subscribe, Like, and Share NOW! WATCH PART 3: ▼ FOR MORE VIDEO DETAILS, HIT SHOW MORE ▼ Watch as BA and Chibi play through the co-op campaign mode in Far Cry 5. It's pretty much a disaster the enti... Read More...


The most Badass Square Body Chevy compilation! The best square body trucks of the internet! For photos more awesome Square Body Chevys, follow us on Instagram! Instagram: For business inquiries email: squarebody... Read More...

Hellmut: The Badass from Hell (PC) – PXA Peeks

In this episode of PXA Peeks, I take a look at Hellmut: The Badass from Hell, yet another Roguelike but one that is a good amount of fun and brings some cool variety, if with one annoying caveat. Press code provided by Indie Bros. on behalf of GrindStone/V... Read More...

Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass – Teaser Trailer

Get a quick, almost idyllic look at Sam's upcoming next outing. Watch more trailers here! ------------------------------­---- Follow GameTrailers for more!... Read More...