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✿ OPEN ✿

Hello and welcome to my channel/this video. This is a subliminal, a subliminal is an audio piece which contains hidden affirmations that are directed towards your subconcious for them to be applied. It is apart of LOA/Law of Attraction.
I hope you use them wisely and achieve your wildest dreams~

✿ This subliminal is supposed to give you
~ Symmetrical face
~ Look like a badass, adorable ulzzang
~ Look East Asian
~ Thick, always neat straight eyebrows
~ Jet black eyebrows
~ Large, cute eyes
~ Bright, sparkly eyes
~ Desired eye and limbal ring color
~ Cute, thin double eyelids
~ Fully developed epicanthic folds
~ Long, black, thick, curly eyelashes
~ Youthful eyes
~ Free of all dark circles, eye bags, and wrinkles
~ Adorable aegyo sal
~ Cute, puffy tear bags
~ Bright under eyes
~ Desired size irises (Big)
~ Natural cute black eyeliner
~ 20/20 eyesight
~ Upturned mouth corners
~ Rosy pink colored lips
~ Aesthetic, cute, plump lips
~ Moisturized, smooth, soft lips
~ Perfect cupid’s bow
~ Permanently white, straight teeth
~ Healthy teeth and tongue
~ Extremely clean and pink tongue
~ Extremely cute and adorable nose
~ Small, slim, thin nose
~ Upturned nose
~ Reduced alar base
~ Small nostrils
~ Small nose shape
~ Thin pointed nasal tip
~ Slightly chubby, mochi cheeks
~ Slightly pink tinted cheeks
~ Extremely feminine and cute cheekbones
~ Slim jaw
~ V-Shaped jaw
~ Defined jawline
~ Perfect jawline sharpness
~ Small, and pointed chin
~ Oval face shape
~ Soft mandibles
~ Cheek dimples
~ Healthy, clear skin
~ Free of all acne, blackheads, etc.
~ Invisible pores
~ Youthful skin
~ Free of all unwanted facial and body hair
~ Even skin tone

☆How many times am I supposed to listen to this?
I recommend around 3-5 times a day! But twice should be enough, the key to subliminals working is being consistent and being positive.

☆I just listened! I don’t see any changed :(((.
Subliminals of course take time just like anything else you do that’s major, after surgery you can’t instantly start to flaunt your new assets correct? You must wait patiently till you heal. Subliminals take time as your subconscious is changing or attracting what you wish to have. Averagely, a subliminal may take 3-6 months for full permanent results but of course, many factors can alter that.

☆Ha! This is bullshit, do you really believe this can work?
Yes, I do! And you should as well, but if you don’t, I will not force you. We are more powerful than we are taught to believe. Do not accept that something’s are “impossible”. Anything is possible, anything can exist, keep your mind open and fresh and it will come to you. Trust and believe, you can do anything ♡.

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rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets