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This rack mountable professional power amplifier packs a huge punch – 6100 watts of maximum power. This amplifier is equipped with dual ¼” and RCA inputs as well as dual speakon, ¼”, and banana plug outputs. The dual output level controls allow you to tweak your levels to your exact specifications. The soft start limiter prevents turn-on damage to your speakers. It’s all powered by a high quality ring transformer that eliminates transients and maximizes sound quality. Run in stereo, or bridge with another amplifier for even more power.2550 Watts x 2 Power Amplifier 1275 Watts x 2 RMS – 600 +600 @ 8 Ohms – 1200 + 1200 @ 4 Ohms – 2400+2400 @ 2 Ohms
Led Display – Ground Lift Switch – Heavy Duty Fan Cooling Aluminum Heatsink, 115/230 Volt Selector
Protection Indicator – Dual 1/4 and Dual RCA Inputs – Outputs: Dual Speakon / 1/4” / Banana Plugs Speaker Outputs – Dual Output Level Controls and Illumination
Stereo or Bridged Mono – Dual Output Level Controls and Illumination.
Dual Output Level Controls and Illumination. – Dimensions: 5.75 x 19 x 14.37 Inch