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Take a look at the next nominees! The unique styles of these videos will take your breath away.
Artist/Song: Famous Eno – Gangsters Ft. Alexx A-Game
Label: Swing Ting
Production Company: Black Dog Films
Director: Jamie Delane
DoP: Eoin McLoughlin
Editor: Jamie Delaney
Artist/Song: Christine – Howling Wave
Label: Mouton Noir Records
Production Company:
Director: Alexis Benoit
DoP: Elodie Tahtane
Editor: Samuel Ben Simon
Art Director: Alexis Benoit
Artist/Song: Oliver – Electrify (Ft. Scott Mellis)
Label: Interscope Records
Production Company: Interskull
Director: Alan Masferrer
DoP: Elias M. Felix
Editor: Lluis Murua
Art Director: Ivan Trivino
Artist/Song: DJON CRAZY – Show Me
Production Company: Todos Creative Hub
Director: Federico Miranda & Joao Lourenco
DoP: Vitor Rebelo
Editor: Ricardo Preto
Art Director: Frederico Mancellos
Artist/Song: Samaris – Wanted 2 Say
Label: One Little Indian Records
Director: Thora Hilmars
DoP: Thor Eliasson
Editor: Sigurdur Eyporsson
Animator: Henrik Linnet
Artist/Song: JIL – All Your Worlds
Label: Destitute
Production Company:
Director: Anton Tammi Video
DoP: Erik Henriksson
Editor: Tim Montana & Matt Nee
Art Director: Rachel Zabala
Artist/Song: Gaye Su Akyol – Eski Tufek
Label: Dunganga Records
Production Company: Dunganga Records
Producer: Muge Buyuktalas
Director: Caglar Kanzik
DoP: Caglar Kanzik
Editor: Idil Ergun
Art Director: Caglar Kanzik & Muge Buyuktalas
Artist/Song: Denial of Service – Onryō
Label: Film Schallplatten/Berlin
Director: Denial Of Service (H. Martis)
DoP: Denial Of Service (H. Martis)
Editor: Denial Of Service (H. Martis)
Art Director: Denial Of Service (H. Martis)
Artist/Song: Alexandrina – Over The Bridge
Production Company: Studioset
Director: Anton & Damian Groves
DoP: David Lee
Editor: Niki Georgiev
Art Director: Anton & Damian Groves
Artist/Song: Screamin Jay Hawkins – I Put A Spell On You (E-coli Remix)
Label: Amen4Tekno Records
Director: Naren Wilks
DoP: Naren Wilks
Editor: Naren Wilks
Animator: Naren Wilk

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