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The HT Studio 20 offers huge versatility for home, rehearsal or studio use. The carefully voiced preamp, coupled with a cathode-biased EL34 power amp, provides you with the ability to create wonderfully lush tube tones. The three-band EQ is augmented by the Infinite Shape Feature (ISF), which works with the EQ to provide infinite new tone-shaping control. Plus you get digital reverb, an effects loop and an emulated output. From pure boutique cleans, to mild overdrive that cleans up by backing off the guitar volume control, right up to saturated distortion, this amp does it all. Single Celestion 12-Inch speaker.20 Watt, all-tube, 1 x 12-Inch Combo with Master Volume and Digital Reverb
Tube Complement: 2 x ECC83 (12AX7), 2 x EL34 Power Tubes; 12-Inch Celestion Speaker
2 Channels: Clean (Volume, Tone); Overdrive (Gain, Volume, OD Select); 3-Band EQ
Exclusive ISF control; Emulated Speaker Output; Series Effects Loop
Footswitch controller for switching channels