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A Brief History of Rasta Bracelets

Bob Marley brought the Rasta bracelets to the mainstream American culture back in the 1970s. People either grooved on his music or loathed it; there seemed to be no in between. Adults decried it as nothing bu... Read More...
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How To Yodel-ai-eeee-ooo!

Have you ever wondered how Jewel can yodel like she does? With such an adorable voice, her yodeling is so well balanced. When listening to her sing you just know she is performing live yodeling and not simply... Read More...
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Awards to Online Writers

Websites who have contests to get authors to submit articles are smart. For instance who can catch the lead author with the most articles gets a "free mountain bike" Most likely an online article... Read More...
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Choosing the Music

Choosing the music is just about as important as the decorations for the wedding ceremony is; It helps in setting the right moos for the wedding and the reception as well. It is important that you pick th... Read More...
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Africa Needs

I love music...In fact I grew up wanting to be a musician and then halfway through college I enrolled at a music institute to learn how to play the guitar. On my first day of learning at the music institute, ... Read More...