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I’m a beginner, why do I need a professional tuner? It may be obvious why the professional would want the most accurate and fast tuning available, but did you know the absolute beginner can benefit from a high quality tuner as well? By having your instrument perfectly in tune, you naturally sound better no matter what your level. And it is just possible that when the instrument sounds right, then practicing is more enjoyable. The ZenTuner is engineered for quality and priced so that anyone can own one.FOR ALL INSTRUMENTS- offers 5 auto modes for guitar, bass, violin, uke, and chromatic mode for use on any instrument including 12 string, classical, banjo, mandolin, trumpet, clarinet, cello, viola, trombone, saxophone, flute, zither, woodwinds and brass- nearly universal. If it clips on, it tunes!
FAST ACCURATE PITCH, and HIGHLY VERSATILE- forget manual tuning. The quick, precise response vibration sensor and real-time tight accuracy is now the standard in performance. Stay in tune and easily determine sharp or flat. The super strong clip swivels to any rotational position.
FULL COLOR ELECTRONIC DIGITAL LCD SCREEN- big and bright display is a head turner, for use in all lighting settings, while compact for light travel. Virtually unbreakable and fits easily in your accessories case.
FOR ALL LEVELS- high quality for all musicians, regardless of experience. The ZenTuner offers simple operation for the new beginner , while the session or touring professional will enjoy the quick precision of this must-have music accessory.
FEATURES- Automatic shut-off, 360 degree rotation for front or rear headstock position, sturdy clamp w/ soft silicone rubber to protect your axe. Multiple tuning keys for tuning your B-flat or E-flat horn or orchestra instrument. Battery included. Full 3-year warranty!

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets