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The ddrum D2 5-Piece Drum Set provides an affordable way to get everything you need to be able to play, right out of the box. It features 6-ply mahogany tom shells (8-ply snare and kick), which provide rich low-end and smooth mids. The ddrum kit also includes cymbals, a throne, and a hardware package.The hardware pack consists of a chain-drive bass drum pedal, geared/locking double-braced snare, cymbal, and hi-hat stand, and a double-braced throne.The drum set also features handmade 14″ hi-hats and a 16″ crash/ride, telescoping bass drum spurs, and power/fusion toms. The configuration features a 22″ x 18″ bass drum, 10″ x 8″ and 12″ x 9″ mounted toms, a 16″ x 14″ floor tom, and a 14″ x 5-1/2″ snare.To top it all off, it also includes a Pro ddrum stick bag and 6 pairs of ddrum sticks.8X10 Rack Tom , 9X12 Rack Tom, 14X16 Floor Tom,18X22 Bass Drum , 5.5X14 Snare Drum, 16 Inch Crash Ride Cymbal, 14 Inch Hi Hats (PR.)
Basswood Shells
1.7 MM Triple-Flanged Hoops
D-series chrome oval lugs