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Bend the pitch of your bass guitar up, down, and all around with the DigiTech Bass Whammy pedal. It can bend single notes or chords anywhere from one octave down to two octaves up. You can also use it for harmony effects, adding in musical intervals like a fifth down, a fourth up, and more. You can even use it like a chorus/vibrato pedal with its Detune mode. And even though the Bass Whammy uses DigiTech’s most advanced pitch-tracking algorithm in Chord mode, you can get the raw, glitched-out sound of the original Whammy-Wah pedal by switching to Classic mode. If you like to explore outside the traditional sonic realms, you definitely want to try out the DigiTech Bass Whammy.Iconic Whammy effect
Two different classic and chord (polyphonic) tracking modes
21 different pitch settings, MIDI input for control, True bypass
Optimized for bass frequencies
Updated original Bass Whammy settings and more, power supply included