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This AC adapter has been tried and tested to make sure it works with the Yamaha keyboard models. Donner products are guaranteed to work well and to last. All our products are manufactured in compliance with US regulations, including emissions and safety standards. Designed to power up Yamaha keyboards, this AC adapter is an effective and affordable solution for keeping your piano on at home or in the studio. Batteries no longer needed for specific Yamaha keyboard models with this power supply. Like all Donner products, this power supply has been designed to a high specification. Built-in safety features include overload and short circuit protection, and an intelligent microchip inside keeps your keyboard safe from unexpected power surges and spikes.

INPUT: AC100V-240V, 60Hz
OUTPUT: 12V DC, 1A (1000mA), 12W
Total Cable Length: 8′ 4″ (2.54 Meters)
Weight: 130g (with box)
Certification: FCC CE UL RoHS

Package included:
1 x Donner 12V Power Adapter
1. INPUT: AC100V-240V, 60Hz ; OUTPUT: 12V DC, 1A (1000mA),12W
2. Professional noise isolation performance
3. Total cable length: 8′ 4″ (2.54 Meters).
4. Energy efficient
5.The power supply is compatible with the following Yamaha keyboard models: YPT-200, YPT-210, YPT-220, YPT-230, YPT-240, YPT-300, YPT-310, YPT-320, YPT-330, YPT-340, EZ-200, EZ-220, YPT-400, YPT-410, YPT-420, YDD-40, and DD-45.Casio CTK 5000, WK 500 / 3300 / 3800, CDP 100 / 200, PX 100 / 110 / 120 / 200 / 300 / 310 / 320 / 400R / 500L / 575R / 700 / 720

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets