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The Best Acoustic Electric Cutaway Guitar at the Lowest Price! Designed in California (where a bunch of eco-friendly vegans live and play), we commission one of the oldest guitar factories. The satin finish of this guitar will gracefully patina and eventually will show the signs of being true; a beautiful instrument. The Guitar has the same materials and features that you would find on Acoustic Electric Guitars for three times the money.Grover Styled Tuners, Compo Resin Nut, Selected Rosewood Fingerboard
20 Nickel Alloy Frets, Maple Neck, Laminated Birch Top
Birch Body and Sides, ABS Resin Bindings, Eco Friendly Stain Finish
Ergonometically placed Neck Button, Center placed Back Strap, Eco Friendly Satin Finish
Rosewood Bridge, ABS Resin Saddle, 7545 4 Band Eq System, Hidden Saddle Pick Up