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The XK-1c is Hammond’s smallest and lightest Genuine Hammond Organ. The XK-1c provides the majesty and versatility of the B-3, but in a compact package weighing only 16 pounds.Following the popular SK series of ultralight keyboards, the XK-1c uses the same Virtual Tonewheel engine as Hammond’s flagship B3-mkII Console Organ, with all the traditional elements, such as Hammond’s original Chorus/Vibrato and Touch-Response Percussion. The latest digital Leslie is also onboard, completing the classic setup.The XK-1c features extensive customization capabilities, allowing the Organ to be tailored into replicating any Hammond/Leslie vintage, with all settings stored in each patch. Most common aftermarket “Hot Rod” modifications are possible within the editing facilities, as well. A wide variety of different Hammond tones are contained in the factory patch library. There are 64 Factory patches and 64 User-programmable patches available.Along with this great instrument, there is an assortment of nicely made accessories that outfit the Hammond nicely, with two very useful pedals, all the cables you need, an amp for stage monitoring and rehearsal, and some pretty cool wearables.Hammond XK-1C Portable OrganMK50 Keyboard AmplifierProline PSS-2 Professional Sustain Pedal Specially designed backpackHammond EXP20 Expression pedalMatched pair of Road Warrior instrument cablesLimited edition Hammond baseball cap