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Swans may not be known for the beautiful music they produce, but this Swan harmonica definitely sounds better than a honking goose. There’s no better way to sing the blues than with a diatonic harmonica to punctuate your verses of loss and heartache. Each Swan harmonica features durable metal faceplates with a rigid plastic comb and a 3-octave scale that is sure to wow the crowd at your next big gig. If you’re looking to make your swan song memorable, invest in a Swan diatonic harmonica and blow everyone away.Material:Copper cover plate+copper base plate+phosphor copper alloy spring+resin frets.
A great harmonica that delivers the big blues sound.
Features a name plate with the Swan logo and a durable carrying case.
Key of C.
Package Contents: 1 x Harmonica, 1 x Carrying Case, 1 x Instructions.