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Turn your phone into an instant recorder and video cam. It really is just plug and play your microphone for recording no need to buy a separate recorder. Have a killer audio and video combo with just this mic and your phone. What could be simpler? Now you can capture unexpected video moments on your phone with perfect sound. Plug the mic into your phone, clip it to your lapel and press record. Extra long cord means you can audio record with your phone in your pocket or place the mic on a table to be shared by others. Now at last you can be hands free when you are recording. Super sensitive mic will pick up your voice with almost no background noise. Clip on feature makes you look like a professional. Small and discreet mic can be hidden from view if required and still pick up sound. It won’t get in the way no matter where you place it. Have fun with other apps on your iPhone like karaoke, the rapper, the singer or garage band to make a quality recording of your voice. Now you can place your phone away from you to video without losing the audio input. Clip the mic to your collar and you can place the phone 4 feet away from you to capture video more clearly. Do you love taking videos on your iPhone or smartphone and uploading them to YouTube or Facebook? Now you won’t be disappointed with the sound quality of your videos or waste time having to re-record and dub audio over your video. The clarity of sound you will get from this mic will save you time and allow you to share or publish your videos immediately. You may need to remove your iPhone protective casing to fit the mic jack check out the promotional savings for multiple orders and buy now 1 year warranty.Easy to use – plug in to your phone and speak, No batteries or software required, hands free recording
Suitable for – all iPhone smartphones iPad, iPod touch
Compatibility the 3.5mm trrs jack of this tiny microphone is compatible to be used with apple iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, android & windows smartphones
A multitude of uses – improve the quality of home videos using your phone, video blogging, voice to text, voice messaging and notes
Bonuses – converter cable for all smartphones

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets