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Taken from “Dark Matters” by Jesús Vögel EP released in Cremaster Records [CR12] at January 2017.

If you cut off a man’s head, he dies. Why? Because it kills him. That is really the whole answer. Learned excursions into anatomy and physiology only beg the question; it does not explain why the heart is necessary to life to say that it is a vital organ. Yet that is exactly what is done, the trick that is played on every inquiring mind. Why cannot I see in the dark? Because light is necessary to sight. No confusion of that issue by talk of rods and cones, and optical centres, and foci, and lenses, and vibrations is very different to Edwin Arthwait’s treatment of the long-suffering English language. Knowledge is really confined to experience. The laws of Nature are, as Kant said, the laws of our minds, and, as Huxley said, the generalization of observed facts.
releases January 30, 2017

NAME: Dark Matters
ARTIST: Jesús Vögel
RELEASE DATE: 30.01.2017
STYLE: Industrial/Techno/Experimental
LABEL: Cremaster Records
MASTERING: Südblock Studios
PUBLISHING: Music Mail Tonträger GmbH
BARCODE: 4025859123751

Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/release/dark-matters/1930109


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rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets