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LP crafts the Tito Puente Timbales from brass. They are thicker than previous timbale drums to give them greater bite and warmth. LP includes a heavy-duty, fully height-adjustable, tilting stand, a cowbell bracket, a pair of timbale sticks, and a tuning wrench with the Tito Puente Bronze Timbales.

Tito Puente will forever be known as El Rey del Timbal (The King of Timbale). He is remembered for his fiery Mambo and Latin Jazz compositions that fueled his career for an impressive 50 years. He brought timbales to the forefront of the world of percussion and to every stage on which he played, cementing his status as a music icon. LP proudly features the timbales inspired by the late, great Tito Puente.


Also includes Cowbell bracket, timbale sticks & tuning key
Thicker than previous models for greater bite and warmth
Shipped insured
Brand new
Measures: 14″ & 15″ diameters, 6 1/2″ deep
Shell Material: Brass
Series: Tito Puente
Tuning: Top key tuning system
Set includes: Heavy duty, fully adjustable tilting timbale stand

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets