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Wedding Disc Jockeys use the Mini XLR Mixer to Submix up to 3 of their wireless microphones down to the 1 XLR mic input common on DJ Mixers/Controllers. Frequently Asked Questions Q: How does it work without power? A: It’s based on the same design as an XLR Audio Pad, except it lets you Continuously Vary the attenuation of the pad, and in doing so the level of the signal. Q: What about Phantom Power? A: It passes through slightly reduced phantom power from House Sound Systems, Powered Speakers, or other mixers. The vast majority of condensor mics don’t need the full 48 volts unless it’s specifically designated as P48. Q: Must the Signal be XLR Balanced? A: YES! All sources must have balanced XLR outs, such as from a mic or direct box. There is simply no way to use a cable to convert from 2 conductor 1/4″ to 3 pin XLR on the other end & have it magically become balanced. This is what a direct box does. Q: Is there a loss in signal? A: Yes. Insertion loss is approx 6-7 db. Keeping unused inputs fully up will minimize this, as will starting with all knobs up full & turning down what you want less of. You can’t overload this mixer. Make up the loss by simply turning up whatever it is plugged into. “Coolest and best money I’ve ever spent In my 12 years of mobile gigs and different things!!! Works great and can control the knobs for who needs to be louder or lower, love it.” – DJ Josh Merritt (Atlantic, VA) “This is a MUST HAVE in your rig. Glad I got mine before Lonnie figures out they should be priced a LOT higher” – DJ Bill Clements (Salisbury, NC) “Used it for the first time this weekend and loved it.” – DJ Danny Gee (Colonia, NJ)Submixes 3 wireless mics into 1 XLR mic input on your DJ mixer or controller
No batteries or AC power needed, so it hooks up in seconds, not minutes.
Hand assembled in USA with brand name parts: Neutrik XLR, Bourns Pots, Hammond Cases
Over 800 in use in 44 states

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets