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In January 2007, smooth jazz took a step "back to the future." The legacy label Nu Groove records was re-launched after almost an 10-year hiatus. Original founder David Chackler decided to revitalize the legal label, re-acquiring the rights to the name from his prior partners who had acquired the company in 2004 from Chackler, and two years later shuttered it.

Originally the home of Michael Lington and "Down to the Bone," Nu Groove had been the benchmark for aggressive, funky and genre bending smooth jazz. David Chackler, in conjunction with Adam Levy (N Coded Records), and the people at RedSony Distribution, determined the industry was ripe for them to rise again, and represent the progressive "edge" of smooth jazz, and urban adult music.

Amazingly enough in just a few short months, they re-staked its claim on the smooth jazz market when newcomer Jay Soto hit the Top 10 in the R & R charts and received a host of stellar reviews. The hard work of them and Soto paid off when Brian Soergel in the Jazz Times proclaimed that Soto had "justifiably earned his way into the smooth jazz charts."

Nu Groove artists have continued to gain attention in both the States and Canada. Bassist Michael Manson has climbed up to the Top 30 and two artists have received a total of four nominations at the Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards. Saxophonist Darren Rahn has been nominated as Wind Instrumentalist and Album of the Year. Guitarist Dave Sereny was nominated as Guitarist of the Year and Album of the Year as well.

"I think it is incredible that in less than a year since the relaunch of Nu Groove that we have achieved such unpretented success. the "mind blowing talent" we have been able to acquire In this short timespan we have already achieved Top 10 status with the Jay Soto release and the Top 30 with the new Michael Manson single. roster of talent that includes genre hit maker Darren Rahn, and artists like J Dee, Dave Sereny, Dee Brown, Nate Harasim, and others, we are expecting 2008 to be an even more successful year, "said Chackler.

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Source by Cheryl Hughey

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets