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Compatible with Most Pedals
Compatible with DigiTech, TC Electronic Ditto, BOSS, Behringer, Zoom etc effects pedal and looper.
Capable of powering any pedals, including those with digital circuitry. It is the perfect addition to your pedal board.

Connect Up to 6 Effects Pedals
Regis power adapter with 6-way multi-plug cable allows you to connect up to 6 effects pedals to one single adapter.
You’ll no longer have to face a chaotic bundle of cables in your pedal board, you can simply use this one. the cable is suited for effects pedals of different brands.

Converts AC to 9V 500mA
Converts AC wall current to 9 volts DC current (500mA) that’s made specifically for effects pedals.
As such, it causes hardly any noise and as it operates highly efficiently, it also barely generates any heat.

Product Specifications
Voltage Output: 9V
Maximum Current: 500mA
Plug Adapter Type: Barrel 2.1 mm
Cable Length: 6”
Type of Power Supply: Adapter
Centre Negative / Positive: Centre Negative
Daisy Chain Cable Connectors: 1x Male Barrel Plug to 6x Female Barrel Plug

Package Includes
Power Adapter*1
6-Way Daisy Chain Cable*1

Satisfaction Guaranteed
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, Offering a 30 Days Money Back Service. Just Grab It and Express Yourself!

This power supply kit for all 9V guitar effects pedals with a maximum power requirement of 500mA
If you’re using multiple effects pedals, this power adapter set allows you to connect up to 6 effects pedals to one single adapter, charge your pedals effectively
The power cable has 6 plugs that can be plugged into the power input of each of your effects pedals
Thanks to the angled connectors, you can organise your pedal board as effectively as possible
100% satisfaction guaranteed, we stand behind everything we sell

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets