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The Reloop RHP-6 headphones are way more than stylish DJ accessories. With outstanding sound characteristics, consistent design, and high-quality manufacturing, the RHP-6 headphones are faithful companions on a plane, at the gym, or on your way to the next gig. The Reloop RHP-6 headphones are impressive, thanks to their comfortable, smart design. You will be surprised when putting them for the first time; they fit like a second skin. The amazingly powerful and transparent sound characteristics offer pumping bass, harmonious mids, and clear resolution without any mobility or comfort restrictions. The elastic, smooth net nylon brackets with sturdy aluminum bar offer stability, and the lightweight construction and water-repelling artificial leather surface allows long-wear comfort. The RHP-6 headphones can be easily folded when not in use, due to the retractable construction. Thanks to the music sharing function, the RHP-6 offers the possibility to connect a second pair of headphones, so you can check out the latest tracks when on the road with a friend. Plus, the RHP-6 includes a Smartphone Control, offering call and music control as well as a Mic for Smartphones. These headphones are compatible with common smartphones such as iPhone, HTC, Blackberry that feature a 3.5-mm connection. With an absolute fresh design and commitment to detail, the RHP-6 is a true eye-catcher! Reloop was founded by a young group of music technology experts who focus on developing new technologies and functionalities, as well as making these innovations available to the mainstream of the DJ scene.Ultra compact DJ and lifestyle headphones with deep bass, attuned mids and transparent highs
Closed construction
Smart retractable construction for easy transport
One-sided, break-proof textile cable
Music-sharing function plus smartphone control

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets