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The Swiss-made Schertler David Acoustic Instrument Amplifier delivers amazing amplified reproduction of your acoustic instrument. Two Input Channels, each with switchable Gain Control, allow connection of a wide variety of instruments and microphones. Switchable Phantom Power (48v on the MIcrophone/Instrument Channel, 10v on the Instrument/Line Channel) and a wide array of EQ Controls (Including Resonance to fine-tune low frequencies and Warm to smooth out harsh piezo pickups) provide unparalled flexibility of use. An Insert allows the connection of an outboard signal processor, while the built-in Analog Spring Reverb adds depth and richness. Reverb may be individually mixed on each Channel. David is bi-amplified for maximum amplifier efficiency, with 50 watts driving the 6″ woofer and 30 watts driving the tweeter. Three Outputs allow David to be used as a stage monitor while sending a signal to the Mixer or Recorder, as well as the connection of additional powered speaker cabinets. The tuned, ported cabinet delivers stunning projection, warm, smooth trebles, clear mids, and powerful bass response in a small package. David, the “Little Giant Killer” from Schertler.Studio-Monitor Quality Live on Stage
Bi-amped 50 + 30 watts
Two Input Channels
Analog Spring Reverb
Three Outputs