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Pair of Professional Dual 12″ Speaker Mains – Model # SA-122T (set of 2), Woofer – 2 12″ & each has a 40 oz. magnet w/ 2″ Kapton voice coil, 600 Watts RMS – 1200 Watts Peak, Wired at 4 ohms, 45Hz – 20KHz, Sensitivity: 96 db., Tweeter: 6×12 Titanium horn driver, Crossover: 12/18db per octave 2 way, 5/8 plywood front panel, Black carpet with black metal corners, Recessed handles, Full Metal Grill, Input terminal with two 1/4″ & two Speakon inputs, Can be Daisy Chained, Dual ports, 35″ tall – 16″ wide – 14″ deep, Weight:  60 lbs per cabinet, These speakers are brand new. , One year warranty. This listing is for a pair of these dual 12″ speaker cabinets. You will receive two identical speaker cabinets, pictured and described above. Each speaker cabinet has the specs above. These are best for DJ’s, Mains, PA use, keyboards, vocals, studio monitors. These speakers are great for vocals, KJ systems, DJ gigs, keyboards, weddings and churches, and sound & studio monitors. Great for a full PA system.Model #: SA-122T (set of 2) – 35″ tall – 16″ wide – 14″ deep
Woofer -2 12″ w/ 40 oz. magnet & 2″ Kapton voice coil. 600 Watts RMS -1200 Peak. 4 ohms
45Hz -20KHz. Sensitivity: 96 db. Tweeter: 6×12 Titanium horn driver
Crossover: 12/18db per octave 2 way. 5/8 plywood front panel. Black carpet and metal corners.
Recessed handles. Full Metal Grill . Input terminal has two 1/4″ & two Speakon inputs. Dual ports

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets