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50 Foot Speakon to Speakon PA Speaker Cable – 2 Conductor – 12 Gauge Model #:  TW12S50, Speakon to Speakon Connectors, 12 Gauge Wire, 2 Conductor, PVC Wrapped, Shielded, Locking features, Color:  Black, Length: 50 Feet, Condition: New, One Year Warranty Whether you have a permanent installation or mobile, Seismic Audio’s Speakon Speaker Cables are rugged enough to handle whatever you throw at them – road ready and built to last. The quality of the cables you use to connect your sound equipment is critical if you are looking for an accurate music and sound reproduction. Awesome quality speakon speaker cables are very hard to find, especially at a decent price. The Seismic Audio brand was designed to make the professional musician, as well as the musician low on cash, sound great. With your purchase, you will receive a speakon speaker cable pictured and described above.Model Number: TW12S50
50 Feet Speakon to Speakon Speaker Cable (2 Conductor)
12 Gauge Wire – PVC Wrapped – Shielded
Locking Features – Black
Brand New with One Year Warranty