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Note: This is the 2016 Model of StarLight’s Water Ripple Effect Light Projector, with more colors and incorporating updated technology.

Your next party is sure to be a big hit with this ripple-effect light projector. Just aim it at a wall or ceiling and it will project a dazzling and unique light show with a rippling, water-wave effect. There are 16 preset colors to choose from on the remote control, including “W,” which is a shimmering mixture of all colors at once. You can also let the device fade through the range of colors on its own with the “Auto” setting, and with the “Music” setting it will change colors in response to the sound of music. In “Flash” mode it will flash like a strobe light as it changes colors
The light comes with a base that you can attach to a wall or ceiling, or just set down on a table or floor. This base has a double ball-joint design that lets you aim the projector in any direction and angle. With the full-function remote control, you can change the color, the mode, and the speed of the ripple effect. A compact little unit at about 4″ x 3.5″ x 2.25″, this device throws out a lot of light, covering a wide area when the projector is set up four or five yards away.

So if you’re planning a party, or just want a unique and dynamic lighting effect as a part of your home decor, this device will really liven things up!

Working modes: Auto, Sound-Activated and Flash
LED light source: 3W LEDs
Input: 110 VAC 60Hz or 220 VAC 50Hz
Power usage: 9W
Product size: 4 x 3.5 x 2.25 inches, not including mounting base
Weight: 1 lb
Projection distance: 4 – 5 yards
Projection diameter: 3 – 4 yards

Package Includes:
1× Ripple-effect light
1× AC Adaptor
1× Mounting base
3 x Screws and wall anchors for base
1× Remote control
1× InstructionsProjects colored light with a moving water-wave ripple effect. Throws multi-colored light onto a wall or ceiling with a shimmering, dancing effect that looks like light reflected off rippling water.
A terrific lighting accessory for parties, dances, raves. Could also be used to add a great moving and color-changing light effect to Halloween or Christmas decorations, or just as background in your home.
Select from 15 colors plus “W,” which is a wild mixture of all colors at once. In “Auto” mode it fades from one color to another, in “Music” mode it changes colors in time with music, and in “Flash” it blinks and strobes.
The speed of the moving ripples can be set to slow, medium or fast; choose slow for a more restful effect, or fast for quick and energetic.
Uses high-efficiency LEDs for low energy consumption. Comes with a remote control that lets you change all the settings.

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets