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Approved FCC, FDA Certification for the unit and approved UL/CUL Certification for the adapter.

Remote Control / AUTO / Sound Activated / Rotation effect/ Stepping effect.
Spectacular scenes big patterns display.
Intelligent temperature control cooling system.
The novel Audio to AUTO playing mode mixed control system.

External Color:Black.
Laser source (Laser diode): Red@650nm / Green@532nm / Blue @450nm.
Warm up time: 2-8 Minutes.
Work environment: Indoor 10-40°C.
Ray Effect: please see pictures.
Cooling system: Intelligent temperature control fan (Critical point 20 °C ).
Shoot distance: Up to 100M (Just play in enough dark environment).
Play Mode: Sound Active, AUTO.
Input: AC110V~AC240V , 50/60HZ, 9W(Fit for global power).
Output: DC12V 1A.

Laser lighting x 1;
IR controller ×1;
Power cable ×1;
Handle × 1 (Can surround the body);
Self-tapping screws × 2;
User guide Manual (English) ×1.

Purpose/Using place:
DJs, Bands, Bars, Pubs, Clubs, Roller skating rinks, KTV, Family party, Birthday party, Celebration, Wedding, Festival, Mall, Store, Shop and other appointed place.

Important Note:
1. Please go through all description before purchase.
2.The pictures were made under the dark environment with foggy effects
3. The item will be shortened it’s life if it’s keeping run for a long time, you are suggested to switch off for 15 mins when it was running for 6 hours.
4. Keep away from children and NO direct eye contact to the laser lights!
5.Please comply with the user manual during using..
6. It’s normal for a little sound when the item is running as it was made with a stepping motor.
2 Lens Stage Laser Light; Brilliant Design; Using for DJ, club, home, stage show, gig, indoor or garden party;
IR Remote Control; Effect(s): 12 of Blue Red Big Gobos and Green Star Mixing Patterns (some patterns are shown in our pictures);
Remote Control / AUTO / Sound Activated / Clockwise & Counter-Clockwise Rotating/ Stepping Effect;
Input: AC110V~AC240V , 50/60HZ, 9W. (Fit for global power); Output: DC12V 1A; Classification: Class 3A / 3R;
Six-month Warranty; Excellent after-sale service.

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets