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Drenched in 8-bit glitchy goodness, Teenage Engineering’s Pocket Operator PO-20 Arcade mini sequencing synthesizer delivers 16 nostalgia-inducing sounds mixed with simple yet powerful songwriting tools. It shares many of the same qualities that have made the Pocket Operator series such a hit among electronic musicians, such as its streamlined workflow that lets you lay down phrases and beats in minutes. The PO-20 Arcade’s claim to fame is a powerful chord engine and 128-pattern chaining, which allow you to achieve remarkably sophisticated results fast. And once you’ve laid down a sequence, you can get even more creative with 16 delightful punch-in effects. On its own or sync’d with other compatible gear, the Pocket Operator PO-20 Arcade puts creative electronic music in the palm of your hand.A minimalist arcade synthesizer module that’s perfect for modern tabletop synth rigs
Loaded with 16 nostalgia-inducing synthesized arcade-style sounds
Create sophisticated arrangements with chord mode and 128-chord chaining
Enhance your sounds with 16 punch-in effects such as bit crush, stutter, and delay
Create entire songs on the 16-step sequencer with 128 patterns and pattern chaining