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Designed to reduce unpleasant wind, breath & popping noise and keep the same level of sound quality at the same time, the Tetra-Teknica XFFZ5P comes in a generous package of 5 windscreens. Made of premium grade foam, these extra-thick windscreens fit most clip-on lapel or headworn headset microphones. This is a must-have for singers, vocalists & Karaoke enthusiasts.


Outside Diameter: 3/4″
Inside Diameter: 3/8″
Length: 1 1/2″
Color: Black
Quantity per pack: 5Microphone windscreens fit most standard lapel and headset microphones
Effectively reducing ambient wind, popping and other noise
Suitable for both indoor & outdoor applications
5 per pack
Genuine Tetra-Teknica brand sold exclusively through amazon.com

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets