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Accel has added another pedal effect to it’s Classic Series! Accel’s Classic Vibes is a version of the legendary 60’s Uni-Vibe effects pedal.The original Uni Vibe was designed to simulate the deep swirling effects of a rotary speaker. They did such a great job, it spawned a legendary pedal. Accel’s Classic Series of pedals are a solute to those early innovators! Keeping the pedal compact (2.50″ W X 4.45 L”) This pedal successfully captures the lush, warm rotatory speaker effects of the original Uni-Vibe that will make it difficult to put down your guitar.Classic Lush, Warm Rotary Speaker Uni Vibe Effects
A “photo cell” design vibe that easily captures those Hendrix and early Trower tones
Knobs: Depth, Rate, Bias
Toggle Switch: Vibe / Chorus