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Weightless Winds takes the weight of your instrument off your neck and spreads it across your body, saving your neck, arms, and shoulders from aches and pains. It provides consistent support with just a little stretch, lessening the weight of your instrument to give you comfort and freedom of movement you can’t get with a neck strap. Wear Weightless Winds with anything- it goes under a jacket, over a dress, or clips to your favourite jeans. Weightless Winds does not bind around the chest like a harness, so you can breathe easy, and the fully-enclosed hook keeps your instrument safe while allowing fast instrument changes. Weightless Winds can be used on instruments with or without a neck strap ring. Full directions enclosed. Full directions enclosed.For Soprano Saxophone, Clarinet, Oboe, and English Horn
Comfortable, secure support with just a little spring makes your instrument feel half its weight.
Wear with anything! Clips to waistband, or wear with your own belt over a dress or long top.
Fully adjustable and easy to use for men, women, and youth of all shapes and sizes
Provides 360 degree freedom of motion you can’t get with a neckstrap