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In the article we looked to see the word worship and what that word meant according to its structure from an English perspective and now we are going to look at its Hebrew and Greek origins and see how it was structured and glean God’s original perspective of what worship meant to Him.

1. In the Old Testament Hebrew Bible the word that often used to represent worship is “Hishtachawah” of which the basic meaning means “to bow down in reverence and submission” it involves bowing completely before a sovereign as a sign of deep respect, humility and surrender.

Reference to this Is 1 kings 1:23 and Nehemiah 8:6 and also Leviticus 9:24

“did obeisance (hishtachawah) to the king with his face to the ground kneeling completely” 1Kings 1:23

2. Worship is also translated from Hebrew “Aboda” and in Greek it means “latreno”, and it means service and sacrifice, both words associated with work done in the temple in the Old Testament

3. Another word translated as worship in Greek is “Proskyneo” and in Hebrew its “Shabac” both of these words show that worship is a posture of submission to God and to acknowledge God’s sovereignty and also speaks that obeisance requires an attitude of reverential fear.

4. We also see this in another word” Homologia” which shows that a worshipper should spend time professing faith in God, praising God, thanking God and proclaiming the truth about God.

5. “Thusia” is another word that brings out worship as a sacrifice and in the New Testament it speaks of self sacrifice so that God may be glorified this is seen in Ephesians 5:2. Philippians 2:17, basically worship is a sacrifice.

Today we saw that worship is a service as we searched deeper into the words from which the word worship was derived from the Greek and Hebrew words. Worship is a sacrifice, service, its reverence, its submission and humility before a sovereign God

This is what God intended worship to be when he wrote it in the Bible in the next post we are going to be reviewing the other words from which worship was derived from.

God Bless

Ark Of Worship

Source by Kelvin Mutize

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets