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This fantastic LED strip light music box is a magic tool which could help your rope lights react to music. It is the best light decoration for parties and shows.

The Sound Activated Multicolor Music Controller allows your LED light strips to flash and change color with music, noise or even your voice. It has a sensitivity dial so that you can find your ideal and perfect setting for DJs, musicians, parties, home theater systems and all kinds of events. This controller works with any 12 Volt RGB LED light strip and includes a remote control.

– Product Features :
– Change colors with the beat.
– Two RGB outputs.
– Includes Remote.
– Available for all sorts of constant voltage RGB lamps, such as RGB strip strip, RGB panel lights, RGB light modules etc.

– Technical Specifications :
– Input : 12V DC
– Output : 2 Outputs, total 180 Watts
– packing:1 Music Controller, 1 24 Key Remote

-Interior Decoration: Club, bar, corridor, room, hotel, museum, etc.
-Exterior Decoration: Plaza, commercial buildings, parks, scenic spot, evening location, etc

Install Caution:
1. Please let professional person debug and install the products
2. This product is non-waterproof, please avoid the sun and rain. If you install it outdoor, please use the waterproof box
3. Good heat dissipation can prolong the working life of LED controller
4. Please don’t install or use these products in situations of thunder and lightning, high-intensity magnetic field or high-pressure
5. Please make sure that the output voltage of the LED power supply complies with the voltage range of the product
6. For safety, be sure that the operating current does NOT overload the wire capability
7. Before power on, make sure that ports are connected correctly
INCLUDED 24 KEY REMOTE let you decide the color queue
SENSITIVITY DIAL with allows you to fine tune which beats to change on
BUILT-IN MUSIC/SOUND SENSOR for changing color with the beat, ideal for DJs, bars, parties, shows and musicians
EASY TO SET UP this sound activated controller with a power supply (not included). Recommended purchasing combination with B01DBW67D2 and B01DBVVW2O
HITLIGHTS QUALITY with 1 Year Warranty. Two outputs for maximum versatility, total 180 Watts. Wholesale available

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets