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Your Singer sewing machine is made to last with minimal upkeep and repairs. However, just like any machine, it needs regular preventive maintenance to ensure smooth running.

  1. Unplug Your Machine – Always unplug your sewing machine from any electricity before performing any upkeep.
  2. Clean Your Machine – You can wipe down the surface with a damp, soft cloth, using a mild soap if you like.
  3. Use a lint brush to remove lint – ESPecially tackle the lint remaining on the take-up lever and thread guides, presser, needle bars, and bobbin case.
  4. Lubricate your machine – Your machine usually comes with a small bottle of special oil just right for your Singer sewing machine. If you run out, you can purchase more at either a Singer distributor, or online. Check your manual for a diagram of where you need to lubricate your machine and how often. Singer machines are generally designed to need oiling only once a year when the machine is used several times weekly. More frequent use may require more frequent lubricating.
  5. Keep a spare light bulb around – Find the right light bulb part number on the Singerco.com site and keep one around in case yours burns out.
  6. Check your manual for any special instructions – ESPecially if you are having any trouble, your manual may have a good troubleshooting section.
  7. Have your machine checked by professionals – Singer authorized dealers will have a shop that is designated for routine maintenance. Routine checksups will keep your Singer sewing machine in the family for generations.

A little upkeep goes a long way with these reliable machines. If you have a really old Singer, you may need the motor checked, or the belt replaced. It's worth the small amount of time and energy to ensure that you can keep on sewing all your favorite projects.

Source by Robin A. Brown

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets