1 HOUR Relaxing Ambient Meditation Candle Spa Music Healing Visualization Relaxing Calming video Beautiful Soft Burning
mixed by Alexander King Chillout
Beautiful Soft Burning Virtual Candles: Relaxing Burning Tea Lights with Soothing Wind Chimes (HD)

License: http://bit.ly/CCAttribution
A Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY) states that the material can be shared, remixed and used commercially as long as you give appropriate credit.

Music Credits:
1. A Touch of Zen – Purple Planet Music Chris Martyn/Geoff Harvey
2. Ambiment – Kevin MacLeod
3. Álbum/origen: Raga Sagara Sri Ganapathi Sachchidananda Swamiji Título: Tender Touch Tune
4. Crystal Waters – Purple Planet Music Chris Martyn/Geoff Harvey
5. DayBreak – free music archive
6. Sundial – Purple Planet Music Chris Martyn/Geoff Harvey
License: http://bit.ly/CCAttribution
A Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY) states that the material can be shared, remixed and used commercially as long as you give appropriate credit.

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Enjoy Calm music for Relax – musica rilassante playlist -Balearic Cafe Chillout Island Lounge – Calming Sounds Session.The Best Of Vocal Deep House Chill Out Music 2015 – The Best Relaxing Chill Out Music Ever – Study, Read, Spa, Sleeping Music and relaxing your mind. Just concentrate and imagine…Background – Spa – Healing – Love. The most effective Relaxing Music in Session – musica rilassante playlist – Wellness music Session.healing music for the soul – native meditation music – Sleep Music – Relaxing Calm Music – beautiful music – beautiful Relax beautiful – Relax Music – Native – Play on low volume in the background while chilling out, sleeping, studying or doing any other activities for a blissful ambiance experience – Relaxing Music “Evening Moment”, Background for whatever else needs – Soothing Relaxing Music Sounds
Ideal peaceful background music for working, resting, studying, pampering, spa, massage, sleep, or whatever else needs.
Relaxing you mind. Just concentrate and imagine…

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