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month. We bring you ten modified Mahindra XUV500s from India that look different from the crowd.

The Tourer

The XUV is a great mile muncher. Here is an XUV modified together by Drift Automotive and Motormind. The kit includes a new front bumper, new headlamps and a new rear bumper with a faux diffuser. This modified example also gets a wide body kit with flared wheel arches. There is a roof box too for additional safe storage. The black chrome wrap looks intense with the aftermarket alloy wheels that run on fatter tyres.

Golden boy

Gold chrome wraps are pretty popular in Middle Eastern countries. Indians – the largest consumers of gold in the world – also love their vehicle done in the same colour. Here is a gold vinyl wrapped XUV500. It also gets a black wrap on the hood and the roof giving it a dual tone finish.


Kerala sees one of the highest number of vehicle modifications in India. This XUV500 from Kerala looks hyper with simple modifications. The car gets wider tyres with new alloy wheels. There is a bull bar at the front with integrated lamps on it. The top of the vehicle also gets four auxiliary lamps for lighting up the streets at night.

Mad Men

The kit from Motormind transforms the XUV into a badass-looking vehicle. The customisation kit costs Rs. 1.58 lakh and comes with various parts. The kit consists of a customised front bumper with integrated LED DRLs, a honeycomb grille, and a hood scoop.

Other modifications include flared wheel arches, auxiliary roof-mounted lights, matte black alloy wheels, a custom rear bumper with a diffuser, and a rear spoiler. The car also gets a matte black wrap that makes it look extremely distinctive. All the parts can be bought individually too, and the prices start from Rs. 10,000.

DC Lounge

The DC lounge Mahindra XUV can be termed as one of the most luxurious XUVs in India. The car modification makes it stand out from the crowd with a new front grille and a new bumper. On the inside, the car gets completely revamped. The 7-seater can now seat 4 people only and has added a few luxury features.

There is a 24-inch screen for the rear passengers. The seats are completely electrically controllable and can recline 150 degrees. It also gets ambient lighting on each seat and gets individual reading lamps.

New face

With the number of XUVs on the road in India, all of them look quite similar to each other. This one replaces the regular grille with a new net grille that looks great. The black grille adds a new look to the all-black vehicle.

Red and Black!

This Red and Black Mahindra XUV500 looks extremely highlighted from the rest. The XUV500 gets a red body wrap with a matte black roof wrap. The black wrap also covers the bonnet of the XUV500 and gives it a unique identity.

Matte Grey

Here is another fantastic idea to make your XUV500 look deadly. This one gets a matte grey body wrap all over that looks extremely good. Matte colour is difficult to maintain but the wrap is a much better option.

Super XUV 500

Mahindra XUV500 often participates in rallies and the Super XUV 500 is the official entrant from Mahindra. The SUV gets superb racing seats, a roll cage, and power upgrades. The Super XUV 500 gets a new free flow air filter and a free flow exhaust system. There is also a new ECU with a tuning box. The suspension has been upgraded too. The official power figures have not been revealed.

Mean green

This XUV500 gets an eye-catchy green colour. The bonnet and the roof have been wrapped in matte black and the grille has been updated too. It also gets two auxiliary lamps mounted above the number plate. The car also gets body graphics and new rims. It will attract a lot of eyes on the road for sure.

Modified XUVs in video form

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rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets