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Tartan Subwoofer Cable, 15 foot, Black:

This cable, built with a heavy copper braid shield for maximum EMI/RFI rejection and a flexible center conductor for ease of routing, is designed for use with a powered subwoofer that accepts an unbalanced (RCA) input. It is housed in a black PVC jacket and has sturdy solder-on RCA connectors with gold-plated contact surfaces on both ends, color-coded purple to indicate a subwoofer channel.

About Tartan Cable:

Tartan Cable is a division of Blue Jeans Cable, a Seattle-based manufacturer and importer of broadcast-quality video and audio cable assemblies for the home theater market.Coaxial cable geometry
Dense bare copper shield for the best audio-frequency shielding performance
Black PVC Jacket with gold-plated connectors
Sturdy solder-type RCA connectors on both ends

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets