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Outer Adapter: input AC 100-240V, output: 12V 1500mA
Product Power Consumption: 12W
Dimension: 8.66 x 8.66 x 7.28 inch 220x220x185mm
Main Materials: ABS and SPCC
LED Wattage: 6 x 3W
Light Source: 2 red LEDs, 1yellow LED, 1green LED, 1white LED, 1blue LED
Working Modes: automatic, sound control, DMX512 control

1.Connect the outer adapter to the DC Jack at the back of product, and then insert the plug into correct power socket
2.Press the MENU button to select different working modes: Automatic Mode, Sound Control Mode, DMX 512 Control Mode
Automatic Mode: Mode Display shows A1-A8
A1 Lighting Effect: Red, Green, White, Yellow, Blue
A2 Lighting Effect: Red
A3 Lighting Effect: Green, Yellow
A4 Lighting Effect: Blue, White
A5 Lighting Effect: Red, Blue, White
A6 Lighting Effect: Random combination of different colors. Color combinations change
A7 Lighting Effect: Random combination of different colors. Color combinations change and flash
A8 Lighting Effect: Random combination of different colors. Color combinations change
Sound Control Mode: If the Mode Display shows S1 and S2, it means Sound Control Mode
DMX 512 Control Mode: If the Mode Display shows AXXX (XXX means 3 numbers from 000 to 255), it means DMX 512 Control Mode
S1 Lighting Effect: LED light flashes. Motor would not rotate
S2 Lighting Effect: LED light flashes and color changes. Motor rotation controlled by ambient sound volume and rhythm
AXXX Lighting Effect: Dome Light is controlled by 6 channels of DMX512
DMX512 Instructions:
Connect the DMX512 by inserting the DMX512 plug into the DMX512 Input at the back of the dome light. Turn on the product and operate by referring to your required lighting effect. Please see the User Manual Detail Instruction

1 x Dome Light
1 x Outer Adapter
1 x User Manual This magic ball can absolutely shock your eyeball with a colorful lighting. It contains 2 red LEDs, 1 yellow LED, 1 green LED, 1 white LED, 1 blue LED. High brightness, colorful and romantic lighting effect, which is ideal for Discos, Parties etc.
Light Color: Red, Yellow, Green, White, and Blue. Control Mode: Auto, voice, activated ,DMX512 control panel. Control rotation speed, colors and strobe through DMX512 control panel or voice control.
Advanced LED technology, creating very powerful beams similar to a 150w lamp. Long lifespan LEDs (100,000 hrs). No need for lamp change. Low heat, low power consumption and it runs all nights.
Mini size, easy to use, you can put it anywhere or hang it without using much area. Small and exquisite in appearance and can be easily installed.. With FCC and RoHS approval, ABS and SPCC environmental materials, you can count on us for a safe & reliable quality.
What you get: A magic starlight effect indoors. A romantic atmosphere for lovers. Popular cosmos Star Projection Lamp. It will not only give a wonderful universe to your children, but also create a romantic surprise for lovers!