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2) VAS12SUB 12″ 1000 Watt Passive Subwoofers —————————————-n You want power. You want convenience. You want deep, clean sound. And most of all, you want durability. Our system is built with state-of-the-art industrial grade materials to make sure your Shaker Series Passive DJ Subwoofer System lasts. It’s about time you get a subwoofer system that’s streamlined with a Compact High Output Low Frequency design to deliver your music with maximum impact and razor-sharp precision. ———- As a result of all our efforts, the Shaker Series 12″ Subwoofer broke new ground by integrating a RRC Diaphragm that emanates a strong, resonate 1000 Watt bass sound with clearer definition than most systems. You can take your music to the next level by turning up the volume without worrying about muddy sound. It’s all you need to bring out the fun at parties, nightclubs, home entertainment or seminars. Before you plan your next event, you should get the Shaker Series Passive DJ Subwoofer system. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ——————— – COMPACT DESIGN The High Output Low Frequency Design minimizes size while maximizing power to give you the optimal subwoofer. The compact design was devised to let you drop the bass at full power while being efficient. – HI-TECH ACOUSTICS We’ve raised the bar with our computer engineered Acoustic Enclosure that only brings the clear and precise sound out of you music. It’s true-to-the original reproduction. – STRONG BUILD With a sturdy ABS Heavy Duty Cabinet Handle you can securely carry it with ease. Couple that with the steel, protective Subwoofer Grille to protect the speakers from any unwanted damage. These make your Subwoofer durable to move around, now you just have to find a place to get the party started. – GREAT POWER The cutting edge High Power Multi-Layer Copper Voice coil smoothly handles low frequencies to keep your sound powerful and balanced while maintaining the perfect resonance.12″ Passive Subwoofer System
Compact High Output Low Frequency Design
Efficient High Power Ribbed Cone Subwoofer
2″ High Power Multi-Layer Copper Voice Coil
Low Noise CAD Tuned Bass Reflex Enclosure