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Custom Made – 2 Units – Gotham GAC-1 – 10 Inch – Premium, Ultra-Flexible, Dual Shielded Guitar Bass Effects Instrument, Patch Cable – The Gotham GAC-1 boasts Gotham’s unique “double Reussen” shielding (2 counter woven 100% coverage spiral copper shields) and a conductive PVC layer and a Cellular PE insulation – terminated with ¼ Inch (6.35mm) Low-Profile, Right Angled Pancake type TS Connectors – The GAC-1 is an ultra-flexible cable and can be twisted when “S” shaped patch connections are called for between your pedals.This patch cable made with the Gotham GAC-1 is the most flexible patch cable in the market and can even be used as an S-Cable (Z-Cable). This ultra flexible cable has 3 shields making it a definite choice over single-shielded standard patch cables and puts it among the top performers (2×100% coverage LCOF Copper shields & 1xConductive PVC layer). This innovative design allows it to cancel almost all electrical interference or microphonics that may be present on the stage, the studio or at home.
Gotham AG, headquartered in Dietikon Switzerland, has been supplying their superior range of professional audio cables to the audio-industry since 1976. All Gotham cables are exclusively manufactured in Europe using Linear Crystal Oxygen Free (LCOF) Copper. Widely accepted as the most ‘Silent’ cables in the industry, even used by legendary Neumann microphones. Due to their excellent properties most Audio Engineers choose Gotham cables over other brands.
Heavy duty construction using the lowest profile pancake design in the market. High-End Nickel plating to ensure increased conductivity and tarnish resistance. Custom Boot included to protect the cable from damage due to handling stresses (no other cable construction of this type comes with a boot). This low-profile patch cable will save much needed space on your peddle board.
All our custom made cables are professionally soldered with a Proprietary 4% Silver solder blend; especially developed by WORLDS BEST CABLES, we also use a specially developed, Proprietary Nitrogen-Assisted soldering process that is unique to us, which exceeds the highest industry standards, the overall integrity of the solder joints are greatly improved in comparison to traditional soldering processes.
This sale is for 2 patch cables (2 units), each cable is 10 Inch long.