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2006 Honda CRF450r Dirt Bike Rebuild – Restyle Upgrades – Mods – Build Ideas – TX Race Kit – CRF450

What’s up guys, welcome back!

Today we’re going to hit you with a pair of 2006 Honda CRF450’s that I’ve been calling “The Twins” here at the shop.

They each received a few key mods while they underwent a light rebuild of sorts. It’s something that anyone can do & I hope to encourage all of you to do try!

I wanted to show you guys a few build options and upgrades for your Hondas -one of which is the TX Race Kit, which is basically a Restyle Kit for the older Honda four strokes – it’s the *only* one I’m aware of for these dirt bikes.

As for the second bike, we’ve got another great way to twist up the OEM body style as well.

Both bikes also received (in addition to a s*it-ton of scrubbing, buffing, and elbow grease) a set of our SM Pro Platinum Wheels, fresh decals, coated clutch & ignition covers & more.

You guys can, and totally should try this at home with your own bikes too. You’ll be so proud of what you accomplish!

I hope you dig the video & be sure to check out the “HOW TO” version of this process but checking out a previous Budget Build (one of these builds) here:

If you’d like to see the actual process for a project like this, that video is for you!


Watch the video

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets