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studio:shivam dance school
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Training further in Mumbai :

To join acting classes and learn more about choreography, i come to Mumbai in 1996.Here i join the “ACTING CLASSES” with industry fame “ASHA CHANDRA”(film acting diploma Mumbai) and choreography with
Master Bhupi a well known and established choreographer and also worked as assistant.After completing
my classes,i started again my professional career as “DANCE DIRECTOR”.

New creativity:

In February1997,I come to Punjab and opened my own institution at Hoshiarpur,Jalandher and named it”SHIVAM CREATIONS”

Absorption in career peaks:

It was Sept5,1999 when my first album with O.P.Thakur of Mumbai named as “DIL HASSANA CHAHE” was released.Further the journey of my dreams took the train of my life at various tracks.I did choreography in about more then 500 Projects.

My dreams Come true in my dreamland:

The cradle of my dreams arising higher when my independently established album “MASTANI” sung by
“K S Makhan” released in the year 2004. one of its song directed and choreographed by me become too famous
it was “Sadda v ekk yaar hunda se” then the other album in the same year had my choreography sung by “HARJET HARMAN” took me to greater heights the song “Wande hoye Punjab de tarah” become so popular in India as well as got very good praise internationally. it was my first international leap.I win “PTC MUSIC AWARD 2010” of best religious video of song “SON OF SARDAR” from Album “SINGH NINJA” sung by “KANWAR GILL” of “TIGER STYLE” (lable of FRANKFIN ENTERTAINMENT CO. PVT. LTD.)


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rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets