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Turn your existing acoustic drum kit into a cutting-edge “Drum Sound Station”: the TrigIt triggers installed on your drums can be connected to just about any drum module. The new 2BOX triggers are designed to work with all sound modules on the market. Your kit still feels like an acoustic drum, but with TrigIt, you can tap into the power and flexibility of an electronic drum set. Get professional-sounding drums even with old or poorly tuned drum heads. The sturdy metal casing is finished in beautiful satin chrome which reduces glare effects on stage and protects the transducers from stray stick hits. Silicon-covered hooks reduce movement and eliminates scratches on drum hoops. The special foam controller with unique “memory” features is guaranteed for long-life use and maintains steady pressure on the head for perfect detection. The Long-life Piezo transducers offer consistent, fast, and unbeatable trigger accuracy with a natural dynamic range. The standard 1/4″ stereo jack eliminates the need for specialty XLR cables.Satin Chrome Metal Casing
Silicone-Covered Hooks
Special Foam Controller w/ Unique “Memory” Feature
1 Piezo Transducer
Standard 1/4″ Stereo Jack