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Brand: Belcat (ROHS)

Item 100% like the picture shown

2 Sets Active EQ Preamp Circuit( 2 Band+3 Band)

Balance volume for pickup

Volume: Master

2 Band EQ Premap Circuit(1 Volume + 2 Tone pots with balance volume)

Bass: +/- 12dB at 85Hz

Treble: +/- 12dB at 7KHz

3Band EQ Preamp Cicuit (1 Volume +3 Tone pots with balance volume)

Bass : +/- 12dB at 85Hz

Middle: +/-12dB at 800Hz

Treble: +/- 12dB at 7KHz

Package Include:
1*2band EQ Preamp Circuit

1*3Band EQ Preamp Circuit

Belcat is an OEM manufacturer that has developed a new product line with their own name on it. Their pedals are well built and produce an extremely clean sound. They are the best I have found any where near this price point.The item is shipped from China.The delivery time to US is about 7 to 15 BUSINESS days.
Pls notice the shipping time!!

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets