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Voltage: AC 110-240v, 50-60Hz
Power consumption: 20w
Lamp: 2 pcs of 12w (4 in 1) led
Color: R.G.B.W
Control mode: DMX, master slave mode, auto mode, sound mode
Channel: 1CH/5CH/8CH
Display: digital screen
Carton size: 370¡Á360¡Á260mm
N.W.: 3.0kg
G.W.: 3.6kg

DMX512 Channel

1 Dimmer 0-255 Red, green, blue, white total dimming
2 R Control 0 -255 Red linear dimming, from dark to light
3 G Control 0-255 Green linear dimming, from dark to light
4 B Control 0-255 Blue linear dimming, from dark to light
5 W Control 0-255 White linear dimming, from dark to light
6 Strobe 0-5 All bright
6-255 Strobe from fast to slow
7 Motor speed 0-5 Motor static phenomenon
6-127 Motor clockwise
128-255 Motor bidirectional rotation
8 Auto Mode 1 0-25 Open CH1-CH5
26-227 Macro,CH1-CH5Close
227-255 Voice mode, rotational speed – slow adjustable
2x10w led lamp
led effect light
butterfly light
DMX,master-slave system,automatic model,sound mode

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets