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Power consumption£º400W
Heating time:5 min
Control: DMX control
Smoke jet distance:4-5 meter
Durability:90 second
Output:2500 cuft/min
N.W£º1.8 kg


This product is 400W fog machine, you can change a variety of patterns combinations.
We use leading technologies, compared with similar products, has the following advantages:
1. More muted, compared with similar products, electrical noise, has been greatly improved.
2. More stable, repeated and prolonged test results show that our moving lights can be a long and stable work, and yet further.
3.All hoods are likely because of smoke filter, dirty or clogged overheating, so regular maintenance to ensure prolonged use.
4. Clean with a dry cloth, then keep it clean when stocker.
5 .All hoods have condensation, water vapor condenses around the nozzle or moisture, so the hood should be considered before the device.
6. All hoods are used during or after a small amount of smoke occasionally stop using the spray.
7. Hood has all cycles at temperatures drop low point, the mercury will automatically open and start warming (green light is off) until the completion of the green again heated high, the recovery can smoke condition.
8. One year warranty
400w smoke machine
fog machine
mini smoke machine
wireness control or Wire control
safety and stability