Anyone can play guitar right? This is not true! Learning to play guitar leads requires a few essential things before you can think of charming an audience with pleasant musical effects…


Ever watched a lead guitarist perform live onstage? There is one thing that distinguishes him or her from the rest of the band members. It’s sheer confidence! If you don’t believe in your own talent, you can hardly learn to play guitar. A faith in your talent shows directly in your body language. So, when you hold a guitar in your hand, check your attitude first. If it’s not positive, no amount of guitar lessons would work!


Do you have the knack to practice guitar for hours together after a tiresome day at the workplace? If yes, then congratulations! You have passed the discipline test! The zeal that you show on the very first day of your guitar class should remain the same (or increase) even after a month. It takes a great deal of discipline to stick to a schedule even when you think you are not doing well. Remember, learning to play guitar leads doesn’t come overnight. It’s a matter of persistent efforts and enthusiasm to become a lead guitarist.


This depends on the expertise of the tutor you hire for learning to play guitar leads. Once you grasp the right technique, you are not far away from becoming an expert. Practice and practice. This is the only key to mastering the technique of playing guitar.

Hand Position

You need to be careful with your hand position, as the wrong position would mar your entire musical note. The first thing to learn is to hold the guitar correctly with your hands. The tuning comes later.

Body Position

You may have noticed that some people play guitar while standing whereas some prefer sitting down. For beginners, the latter is a good position to start off with learning to play guitar leads. You have a greater control over the instrument and can concentrate on the music. While sitting, see that both your feet are placed flat on the ground and your back is straight. With hours of practice, a wrong body position can give you backache or spinal injury. So, tune your body first and then practice tuning the guitar strings!

Leadership Skills

You cannot think of becoming a lead guitarist with an attitude of a follower! A lead guitarist is the one, on whom people (read band members) look for guidance. You will need to take responsibility for the entire music group. If anyone makes a mistake, it’s you who have to cover up. For this, you need to have an agile mind, impeccable musical skill, and above all, leadership qualities. Be attentive to your own music while you practice on the guitar. It’s better to start developing leadership skills right from the beginning of your training.

With time and practice, you will notice improvement. You thought learning to play guitar leads was child’s play, eh? Yet, it’s not as difficult as climbing the Everest! You can do it!

Source by Logan Young