When people think of ideas for a 70s theme party, they think of dancing music, disco balls, polyester clothes and bad hair! Well, that may be a piece of what the seventies were about, but it isn’t everything. Allow me to suggest some somewhat more unique ideas for planning a 70s theme party:

In 1975 Saturday Night Live made its debut on the national airwaves. The characters created by the initial cast are still difficult to surpass. Invite your guests to come dressed as their favorite Saturday Night Live characters. Set up televisions playing SNL episodes (you can rent the “best of” series) with the sound down. If you want to expand the options for costumes open it up to any favorite 70s celebrities including TV characters, actors/actresses, movie characters and musicians. Suggestions would include KISS, Characters from Grease or Saturday Night Fever, Charlie’s Angels, The Godfather, Rocky, anyone from Rocky Horror Picture Show, a Star Wars character, Kojak, The Incredible Hulk, or even Bo Derek if you want to wear a bikini!

Music should reflect the entire decade and while there will be lots of the BeeGees and disco tunes, don’t forget to play some of the more intellectual music to come out of the 70s including Janis Joplin, John Lennon, Santana, Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, Queen, etc. At the end of the night you can have a dance off. Start off the same way the decade did. In the beginning dancing was a type of anything goes atmosphere but as the decade progressed dancing became an exact science so upgrade to the hustle, the bump, and other line dances. Then, just as everyone is either getting frustrated from not being able to do the line dances or is sure there is no doubt they will win the dance off – throw them a wrench. Play a song everyone –everywhere- knows the dance to – Y.M.C.A. by the Village People and watch everyone laugh.

Be sure to take lots of photos to turn into digital prints as party favors. Feel free to put a few anti-war posters up just to keep things unbiased and above all – have fun. The 70s were a decade of growth of a nation and of course, growth of the influence of popular culture. Rubik’s cubes or disco ball key chains, mood rings, a box of hamburger helper, or even personalized pet rocks would also add a new dimension to your 70s theme party.

Source by Gail Leino