Somewhere between the sound of a dreadnought and an OM stands this unique instrument! The Revival Acoustics RG-33 is perhaps a step in a different direction for what they consider a OOO acoustic guitar to be, it has a unique body shape, not being as long (in the upper bout) or as lean as a traditional OOO body style guitar. The RG-33 is built with an all solid Sitka spruce top, but here is where it gets interesting the back and sides are made from solid walnut; which along with the non traditional body shape really give this guitar it’s unique sound!

The thickness/depth of the walnut sides on this guitar really help provide more low end response that is well balanced and not muddy by any means! The solid walnut back and sides produce a clarity of tone that (to my ears) has a bell like clarity to it and also has a nice woody flavor to it. Take note that the sides of this guitar do protrude out more like a dreadnought sized acoustic guitar (so that the sound will too), but also keep in mind that this could be a factor if your accustomed to sitting down and cradling a traditionally built OOO style acoustic guitar (with it’s thinner sides)!

This is a really versatile guitar, which can be used for a wide variety of styles weather you want to sit or stand, play finger style tunes or flat pick on it; the RG-33 will take whatever you throw at it and reproduce something pleasing to your ears!

A very nice singer-song writer guitar, the RG-33 has a mahogany neck has a nice thin smooth satin finish and a grained ivoroid bound rosewood fingerboard with shell dot position markers and a unique thin block inlay at the 12th fret, the bridge is larger than what Revival uses on their OM models, it’s the size used on Revival’s dreadnought size guitars, but it’s made from ebony not rosewood.

This guitar has a high gloss finish and is fully bound with grained ivoriod binding top, back and sides; which to me always provides a really nice contrast between the darker selected solid woods! The headstock features a nice thick rosewood overlay (not a thin laminate) upon which the Revival name is inscribed in abalone inlay, the guitar also comes with the larger Grover Romatic tuners (which I prefer) where Revival’s OM models have the mini Grover Romatic tuners.

This guitar can provide any player with plenty of volume and punch, it has a really nice open sound and a unique clarity of tone all it’s own,the Sitka spruce top is adorned with an abalone rosette (as are most of Revivals all solid wood instruments) and along with the walnut back and sides it produces a sound that is difficult to describe, however I would have to place it in between rosewood and mahogany (in the tone department) because it shares similar traits of both these different tone woods. Walnut is some what uncommonly used on guitars and for the back and sides of mandolins, prized for it’s clarity of tone, it is a beautiful looking wood that is also appreciated selected for fine furniture making (table tops, desks etc.)

If your looking to break some of the barriers of a traditionally built OOO size guitar, the Revival RG-33 offers you the chance to change your flavor and re-shape your sound and perhaps broaden your musical horizons as well; Once again with this unique model, Revival Acoustics has given us a lot of guitar which produces great sound for the money!

Source by Greg C Taylor