In the quest for an all solid wood dreadnought size guitar, The Revival RG-27 is well worth some strong consideration, given the quick response that mahogany wood provides along with a solid Engleman spruce top; This guitar is a proven combination that guitar players can rely on to deliver their sound.

The Revival RG-27 is the big dog, this dreadnought size guitar is designed for going to battle with; (hence the name dreadnought). This guitar is versatile enough for finger style playing, but it really excels at flat picking and is primarily designed for that style in mind.

This model was one of the first guitars I received from Revival Acoustics, my first impression was a good one, the quality of woods utilized, the fit and finish and the overall appearance were very good and this guitar was not overbuilt, but was light in weight simple by design yet complimented with a nice abalone inlay around the sound hole; which really makes it stand out in the crowd!

I do prefer a D-18 style guitar, because with this combination of woods and the big dog (dreadnought) size body you get just the right sound for my ears! The Engelman spruce makes for a slightly brighter tone, which I believe is well suited for finger style players, it is stiffer than Sitka spruce but breaks in quicker than Adirondack (red spruce); so it delivers the power needed for flat picking without having to wait for the guitar/top to mature (which with red spruce can take five years or more depending on the amount of play time invested)! Therefore, this guitar plays in quick and is satisfying right out of the box and doesn’t require a heavy handed approach; as it responds well to any style the player chooses. I think it’s important to point out here, that because it’s an all solid wood instrument the overall sound or tone of the guitar will continue to develop as it’s played in and ages over time and after a decade the guitar will have settled into it’s own and really sound great!

It is important to consider the size of the guitar you want/need because a lot of people own a dreadnought size guitar without realizing that it may be too much for them and swinging ones arm around a big D sized body and sides may be a real chore unless your endowed with long arms or a large frame!

First consider your own body size/frame before you choose this large bodied instrument! I am a medium size guy, but I have long arms and like to flat pick enough so that I need a dreadnought. However, I really like an OM size guitar perhaps because it is more my body size, and it feels more comfortable and it generates a different sound but I need the big D size guitar for bluegrass flat picking and hard driving rhythmic patterns etc.

Suffice it to say here that if you have been searching for an affordable all solid wood mahogany dreadnought style guitar with these features, than The RG-27 is definitely well worth your consideration!

Source by Greg C Taylor