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Leomanor Acoustic Guitar Bridge Bone Nut and Saddle Cambo

1) 100% REAL Buffalo bone guitar saddle and nut
High quality guitar saddle and nut of bone is harder and lasts much longer than palstic one, it can increased brightness and even added bass, This is because the hardness of the material transfers the vibration of the string to the top of the guitar with more efficiency. and the bone at the saddle and nut will definitely increase the loudness and dynamics, it may actually increase the high frequency content of your guitar, and its way prettier too.

2) Professional guitar grinding stone
The professional guitar saddle and nut grinding stone let you can adjust the high of you saddle and nut anytime, you can use it polish the finger board, fret, side, string, etc also.
Guitar grinding size: 12mm*12mm*98mm.
Note: Please use water wash the bone powder while polishing saddle and nut.

3) Soft microfiber guitar clean cloth
The Soft microfiber clean cloth can wipe the sweat on the strings after you play the guitar.
Guitar clean cloth size: 145mm*177mm

4) Package include:
1 pcs Guitar real bone nut;
1 pcs Guitar real bone saddle;
1 pcs Guitar grinding stone;
1 pcs guitar clean cloth.
Please note, the color of grinding stone and clean cloth is random

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Real buffalo bone saddle and nut, which can offer a better tone than plastic.
Buffalo bone saddle size: 72mmX3mmx9mm; Buffalo bone nut size: 42.5mmX6mmX8.5mm.
Grinding stone: 12mm*12mm*98mm.
Clean cloth: 145mm*177mm.
Package include:1 pcs Guitar bone nut, 1 pcs Guitar bone saddle, 1 pcs Guitar grinding stone, 1 pcs guitar clean cloth.