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Update – New, smaller, case designs! Available NOW! Aguilar pedals have been made smaller by reducing the “lip” around the edges of the pedal. By reducing this lip, you can now use ANY right angle plugs regardless of barrel size! And with a flat surface on the bottom of the pedal, mounting to a pedal board is easier than before! The Octamizer is the innovative analog octave pedal from Aguilar. Designed to create a wide range of musical sounds an octave below your original note – you will be -Inchoctamized-Inch! The Octamizer features independent volume controls for both the -InchClean-Inch and -InchOctave-Inch sounds, so dialing in the exact amount of each is a cinch. The two discrete signal paths also have their own tone controls that were specifically designed to enhance and expand their musical possibilities. The -InchClean Tone-Inch control uses a Full Spectrum Tilt EQ, allowing for the boosting of treble while cutting bass or boosting of bass while cutting treble. This unique circuit allows you to create a clean sound that creates an octave doubling effect or to blend the sounds together for a great thick, snarky synth tone. The Octamizer’s -InchOctave Filter-Inch control is a multi-pole low-pass Filter that lets you shape the octave sound from smooth and deep to edgy and aggressive.Proprietary detector circuit for superior tracking
Dual Filter Architecture: Full Spectrum Tilt EQ for Clean sound, Continuously variable multi-pole low-pass Filter for Octave sound
Powered by one nine volt battery or optional universal power supply
Heavy Duty steel construction